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How to Work with Play

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Your deadline is looming. You have run out of procrastination ideas. You are frustrated that you have not made progress yet, but you still do not know how to start.

‘Procrastination is the most common manifestation of Resistance because it is the easiest to rationalise,’ writes Steven Pressfield. And so it is, we justify our procrastination and claim that getting started is hard as it requires energy that we do not have.

Play however can act as our antidote, when used correctly, play can open us up to new possibilities and energise us, so why not use play to help you along the way?

We engage in play for many reasons, some of the most popular being: socialising, fun, escapism, winning and challenge. Yet somehow, we do not always connect to the benefits of play once we hit adulthood. As Stuart Brown discusses in his book Play, 'It eases our burdens. It renews our natural sense of optimism and opens us up to new possibilities.' So why would we omit it when we need it the most?

Have a think about play and this list of reasons. What is it that you get from play? Can you pick one of these five reasons you relate to the most?

Can you set aside some time today to work out how you want play to work for you? Play does not have to be something only for children or board games, it's so much more than that. Play is in how we connect with the world around us, how we learn boundaries, connect with others and energise ourselves. How will get play into your day today?

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