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Career Purpose in 2024

Oh boy, have I learnt a lot in 2023 and I'd like to pass it all onto you.  This blog is full of freebies and inspiration for all you job hunters, career changers and purpose finders out there so have a scroll through and sign up for what's right for you. 

The first learning I want to share is:

1. know your wins

I haven't really been celebrating anything I've done this last year, it's just 'never been good enough.' 


I know it might sound ironic but if you didn't think coaches got imposter syndrome then think again! The reason why I love to coach is because I have had experiences similar to you and I care about you learning it faster than me. It also means I know what you're talking about when you tell me that 'you're not good enough' and I know it is possible to change that way of thinking.

By the way reader, I have wins, they're at the bottom and I have been more than good enough.  Download your Wins Playsheet by clicking here

Action: write down your wins as regularly as you dare

2. consistency is a game changer

My friend said to me recently:

'Mental health must be maintained on an ongoing basis and I didn't 'complete' mine through therapy.' 

Wow, I thought this was so spot on - we can work through things but just like our body, our mind benefits from maintenance. Bad habits and unhelpful thoughts can always crop back up and so if you find something that works for you (walks, journaling, gratitude listing etc) then don't stop doing it! Enjoy it and make it your ritual of self care. 

Action: know the things that make you feel good and incorporate them into your every day, don't just do them when you feel bad

3. other people help make things happen

I have so many clients coming to me about routine and change. Game play can be a really useful tool for introducing a new habit but after novelty wears off, we all have to find ways to remember the benefits of doing it again and again. I also know that other people can be useful for this so involve them with your plans, buddy up or book in a flow session (I love focusmate).

And that's why, I've decided to run a weekly group accountability session for all you job hunters out there. This call is an accountability slot for you to show up and do the things you said you wanted to do. This could be a CV update, a job browse, an application, writing a cover letter and anything else in-between.  The rest of us (or just me) will also be there to help with support, reflections and advice. This will be free in January whilst I trial it so click above or email me to sign up!

Action: Include others with the things you're doing, whether it's an online group, a friend or a stranger through a flow club, don't just stay isolated.

4. feeling like it's your choice matters

So many clients tell me they 'fell' into their career and maybe you weren't looking for a job at the time but you did still choose to say yes. If you can switch your mindset to seeing your actions as an intentional decision, you may start to view things (and do things) differently. 

The same goes for the year ahead - is there more intention you can bring to this year that you would like to do? We can often fall into a rhythm of fitting into plans organised for us or other people's diaries but if you can step back and find the time you need to either assess what you want to do or to choose what  you're doing then that will invaluable longer-term. 

Action: Change your narrative - did you choose to do this or do you have to? Are you choosing to stay or is something making you? Start to find the things you can do something about so you can feel control and not feel stuck.

5. look ahead

I got a tad frustrated in 2023 at giving up so much time and money to weddings. But it wasn't about the weddings, it was that the year kind of just happened to me. I'm not making that mistake this year, I'm going to be looking ahead and booking out my weekends or holiday time with things I want to do for me. 

A client of mine started a bucket list in our sessions and another committed to a weekend away, just for them, every quarter. My clients inspire me with their creativity, passions and ability to change things for the better. We are affected by many things in our lives and so when people come to me about work, it's not all we talk about - often people go away with action they want to take in their personal lives too. 

I'm starting as I mean to go on by booking in some walking dates with myself and I also ran a free Purpose finding workshop (more to come!). What will you be doing?

Action: write out 3 things you keep saying, 'oh I'd love to do that' to or that you feel you're missing out on when you accept an invitation to something else. Pick a date, plan that activity in and make it happen.

So that's 5 things I'll be working on for 2024. Perhaps one or two of these resonate with you, maybe they all do. Either way, let me know what you take from this and start making those changes (which don't have to wait until the 1st of the month).

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - -

🎲Want more joy at work?

You can book a free 1:1 career coaching taster session with me, just click here.

If your team needs career coaching, message me to talk about how I can support wellbeing and boost productivity in your workplace. You can book in some time to talk here.

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