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Boost your workforce with 1:1 coaching with an ICF Credentialed coach and mentor.

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"Nicola is great at reading people and guiding you without you even noticing it. She holds you accountable and she is great at understanding what is blocking you, especially when you cant even see it yourself. "

Monica, Senior Account Manager

Sarah, The Modern House

So helpful, she really picked up on little things that I said and challenged me as
to why I thought them. Definitley made me consider why I think certain things
and how to change patterns of unhelpful behaviour. 

Dan, NEU

Nicola was extremely easy to talk to, she had numerous tools and thinking strategies at her disposal to provide for any situation if required. Her advice was well thought-out and personalized. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for future or current career advice.

Jess, Work.Life

Nicola is an active listener who encouraged me to reflect deeply by asking the right questions. I feel inspired.


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