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About Nicola: About Me
online life coach - Nicola


I’m an online life coach with an ICF-accredited diploma in transformational coaching from Animas. I’m also credentialed at ACC level by the ICF. This means I’ve coached hundreds of hours, met stringent education requirements and demonstrated a thorough understanding of coaching competencies.

I work with people to help them get clear on what they really want from life. Then together, we create the game plan to make it happen. 

I call my business Game Plan Life Coaching because my core value is ‘play’. (And if you’d like to find out more about my other values, you can do that here. ) I believe life is full of exciting possibilities. I use my positive, playful coaching approach to support clients as they uncover, create and go after the opportunities that light them up. 

I love helping people navigate their way back to their own desires, dreams and ambitions.

There’s no one path to finding happiness and purpose. Yet often we get stuck on a path to nowhere and can’t seem to find our way off. I help my clients work out what really excites them, build motivation, then map out the journey that takes them to these things, while ensuring they are inspired to create lasting change.


My clients say my coaching style is creative, open and warm. I hold a safe space where my clients feel heard, seen and able to express who they really are. 

I like to challenge my clients too, in an encouraging and playful way, of course! I’ve learned that even the most challenging issues and heavy emotions can be easier to break through when we play with possibilities. 

I’m straight-talking, though if you work with me you’ll discover that I mostly do the listening and let you lead the conversation. 

Because I firmly believe that you know what’s best for you. You have the answers to all of your questions. As an online life coach, my job is to unlock that part of you where you’ll find those answers. And keep you accountable to making it happen.

When I’m not coaching or running my group programmes, I’m a facilitator and games host in the corporate world.

I’ve worked with motivational speakers, consulted with businesses on strategy, coached students on life after school, and created bespoke games nights to bring people closer together. It's been lots of fun and has taught me that the power of play can be truly transformational.

I'd love you to experience this power in your life.

Joanna @ Nike

"Nicola was so kind and it was very easy to feel comfortable and safe to speak
about personal struggles. She was not judgemental but not afraid to challenge
me on my thoughts. I feel inspired."

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