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Ready to turn your difference into your strength?

If you always speak up but don't feel heard. If you're present but don't feel seen. My focus is on how to bring more of your desired joy into your life and create the change you wish to see.


My name is Nicola - my core value is play and I work with people to find joy in what they do. I help people to learn about themselves and to confidently identify, protect and get what they want.

In our one-to-one coaching session and workshops, we'll work out how you want to express yourself, uncover your confidence to speaking out for yourself, finding what fulfils you and celebrate who you are so that you can get the joy you want in life.. I call this your Game Plan.


Have you always felt like the outsider but want to finally enjoy expressing your difference?


Do you feel lost, like you want to get focus on your direction? Or maybe you're fed up of no one (including you) putting you first?

Not sure where to start?

Start learning about yourself here in this adventure quiz.

Doodler and Engineer

Coaching with Nicola is a wonderful experience where you explore together your life goals and ways to realize them. In my case, the experience had a lot to do with developing my own self confidence and strategies to get where I want to be. Highly recommended.

Zelda Fan


I found this to be a thoroughly engaging and challenging process that took me out of my comfort zone one step at a time. I was able to learn quite a bit about what held me back.

Coaching has encouraged me to be more head strong in planning and execution. And gave me a boost to just DO the things i want to do. I consider myself a creative person, so the video game aspect was really helpful in making tasks more managable. 

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