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Planning During a Pandemic (and not losing your cool)

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Planning is one of my favourite things. As someone previously involved in the events industry, logistics are constantly ticking over in my brain. There are so many moving pieces and I want the end result to be fantastic so it gives me great pleasure to have thought of every detail. This translates to personal life too - who doesn't like to have something to look forward to?

Jump forwards to March 2020 and my comfort zone of planning has exploded. New rules and legislation make it impossible for any of us to really think much more than 3 days ahead of time. The realisation that planning gave me a sense of control was something worth coming to terms with quickly before I felt that spiral give way to panic.

So how does a planner navigate a pandemic?

Even seeing this sentence bothers me, it seems oxymoronic to even suggest there is scope to plan events in a pandemic when the rules keep changing. So I take a step back.

What does planning give you? Now we're talking. For me, planning gives a sense of control, something to look forward to and a buzz from being organised. What about for you?

What else can you do to achieve these goals? How granular can we go? What is so good/bad about not being able to plan?

So I've settled with planning weekly calls with friends, focusing on my knee physio and leaving some excitement to the spontaneity of starting a DIY project and not knowing how it'll finish. It might not be counting down to Glastonbury, but it's a start.

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Dec 04, 2020

I definitely agree that planning gives us all something to look forward to, which I believe is something we all need to feel a sense of progress and achievement. Furthermore, I also like the structure that planning gives me. Things feel a lot more stress free knowing that you have researched the detail in advance, which in the long run actually saves you time by (hopefully) not having to revisit and correct too many things.

However, there could be some positives of not being able to plan during the pandemic in the ways we've previously been used to. Perhaps it gives us more time, to dream bigger and look further ahead? To not feel so rushed?

In addition, not being…

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