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Feel confident to live life on your terms.

If you are an independent introvert, looking to find your voice around what you want (and articulating it), celebrate who you are and to feel secure in a plan that gives you focus, confidence and self-belief then read on. 

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My name is Nicola - my core value is play and I want to work with people to not feel like a failure in their challenges but instead to learn about themselves and to confidently speak out about what they want. A series of bad job roles and pressures from societal expectations is what lead me to finally stopping, quitting my job, leaving my home and starting from scratch. It wasn't the smoothest road but it's exactly why I feel passionate about helping you find your voice..

In our one-to-one coaching session and workshops, we'll work out how you want to express yourself, uncover your confidence to speaking out for yourself, finding what fulfils you and celebrate who you are so that you can get the joy you want in life.. I call this your Game Plan.

Have you always felt like the misfit but want to finally enjoy expressing your difference?


Do you feel lost, like you want to get focus on your direction? Or maybe you're fed up of no one (including you) putting you first?

Not sure where to start?

Pick a focussed session below to get us started. 

Prefer group stuff? Then click here

Build Your Stats

How critical are you of yourself?
In this package, we will explore all that you are and all that you stand for, like when building a character in a game. This is designed to start building your self-esteem and get you off to a running start with appreciating how you express yourself and finding joy in all that you do.

Collect XP

How capable do you believe you are? In these sessions, we will explore all that you are doing now and create actions that support you in making the change you want to see. We focus on your self-belief, breaking down the patterns you notice and changing your perspective so that you can make connections to your behaviour and take control over your life.


Levelling Up

Do you feel that you can keep growing? This isn't about being competitive, this is about recognising the progress you make and ensuring you're moving in a direction that makes you happy. This package is about your self-worth: building on what you already have and giving you the confidence to keep going.

Or Ask Me

Press play so I can say hi!

LISA DAVIDSON, Account Manager

'After just one session, I realised I actually enjoyed what I do for a living! Nicola gave me the confidence to approach work in a way that would benefit me as a person and fit in with my own values.'

KAREN GARNER, PA and Blogger

EA and Yoga lover

'Coaching has helped my confidence overall; helped me identify and review how I act and about what I want to do in the future - something that I almost felt completely unable to do because it scared me.'

'Nicola's warm & very approachable style made it easy to openly discuss my thoughts & challenges. Sessions with Nicola were highly rewarding - they will be invaluable to the path ahead. '

Group stuff

Be with others

Join the Discord channel (which also supports the group coaching course) where we support each other, ask questions and feel part of a community. Here you can find out more about what Game Plan is all about.


Group coaching means we can learn together and support each other through change. Over five weeks we have a mixture of learning about useful coaching concepts (framed around gaming terminology to make it more accessible and enjoyable) and support each other in creating our (life) game plans 

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Monthly, I run a free online Mindful Games session where I teach people some playful tricks to get them out their head and feeling more productive, positive and connected. Join to have some fun as well as to learn what working with me is like.

1:1 Coaching

Looking to build more confidence? Change your job hunt approach? Would you like to do more things for yourself? Then get in touch.

Group Coaching

Build more self-awareness, boost your self-esteem and work out your next steps in group coaching. Join the list to sign up.


Team building workshops, play consulting or in-house coaching, please get in touch to find out how we can work together to bring the best out of your team and workplace.

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