Exploring possible paths in your life you didn’t know were there can be eye-opening. It can also be a lot of fun! What’s more, even when everything else feels uncertain, having a game plan to follow keeps you on the path to what you want. And that’s what I help you create – a plan you’re excited to follow.   

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Using my experience I’ve learned through games, team building, and transformational coaching, you'll get a Team Day session that entertains, connects, and energises your team.

Running a team build can get eyes rolling but the way we play reconnects people in a way that doesn't feel like work!

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How you do one thing is how you do everything and through games, we reveal a lot about how we approach life. We often don’t realise this and miss a golden chance to reflect on how we tackle issues beyond the boundaries of a game. In this one-off session, we play together to analyse how to use your approach in other parts of your life.

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'After just one session, I realised I actually enjoyed what I do for a living! Nicola gave me the confidence to approach work in a way that would benefit me as a person and fit in with my own values.'


'Nicola's warm & very approachable style made it easy to openly discuss my thoughts & challenges with her. My sessions with Nicola were highly rewarding and they will be an invaluable start to the path that lies ahead. '


'Coaching has helped my confidence overall; helped me identify and review how I act and begin to think about what I want to do in the future - something that I almost felt completely unable to do because it scared me.'



'After just one session, I realised I actually enjoyed what I do for a living! Nicola gave me the confidence to approach recruitment in a totally different way that would benefit me as a person and fits in with my own values.'

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Gary, Hull

I would absolutely recommend this to anyone!  It has been a positivity and self-realisation ride. I have learnt much about myself and the techniques presented have helped me to feel more confident and optimistic in day to day life.



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Put in a request to have me come in and deliver a play coaching session with your team. This can be online or in person. Once you've hit the button below, I will give you a call to learn more about what you're hoping to achieve, answer any questions you may have and to book it in! If you just want to know more, check out the FAQ here.

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Whatever it is, book in a time with me to ask questions and see if this is right for you. We will use this time to discuss your aims as well as to learn more about each other. From here we can agree what you would like to plan going forwards.

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I realise you might already know what you want or have some questions before committing to anything more. Coaching is very specific to the person and their needs so if this is you, please just email me using the link below.

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Volunteering, dancing or camping in the wild - how do you express yourself? 

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Give yourself permission and see what happens! Keep an open mind and feel free to do as much (or as little) as you want.

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Play opportunities are everywhere! Test the boundaries, be silly, let go every now and then… and above all, express yourself!

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A good cup of tea, naps and talking to friends. Take the time to value what you have, what you do, and who you are. In essence, be kind to yourself.

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Equality, play and adventure - what can't you stop talking about? Whatever you’re doing, do it passionately and do it for you.

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Starting a business, making new friends, travelling? Keep growing and challenge yourself in every way, and with each and every value.


Nicola was extremely easy to talk to and pleasant. She had numerous tools and thinking strategies at her disposal to provide for any situation if required. 


Really good to talk things through, Nicola helped me look at my issue from a different perspective, and turn things around a little into a much more positive and forgiving outlook.


Nicola was really understanding - she picked up on a lot of nuance and helped me to realise what it was that was holding me back and where I really wanted my priorities to lie.