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(Online) Team Building 

With the likes of Zoom, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Google Hangouts, our workplace feels more connected than ever. But in other ways, we’re also increasingly disconnected.

While it can be a struggle, there are ways to keep the bonds that hold your team together strong. When your people play together, they connect. And when they start to connect, they reenergise, talk, and restore the relationships they had in the office. I see it happen every month with the online team building workshops I run for businesses around the UK.

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It made us feel much better and more relaxed, and towards the end we were just out there laughing and having a really good time. 


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Not Your Run-of-the-Mill Team Building Workshop

These online workshops aren’t like others you may have seen or been a part of before. Along with my co-host Jim Rastall – an acting veteran of 15 years – we take your team through a lively, interactive (and most important, fun!) session that has benefits for everybody.

Here’s how a “Game and Go” workshop typically runs…



First, we make sure you’re all on board with some energetic moves to kickstart the session. We also encourage you to think about what you’re hoping to gain from the next hour of fun.


Next, everyone gets the chance to express themselves through creative games - don’t worry, there’s no need to be clever, funny, or original (if there was, we wouldn’t play!)


Being at home alone can feel isolating. That’s why we’ve got just the thing to bring you all back together for one final team game to leave you on a high, energised and ready for the day.




Going into this session after a year of lockdown and working from home I was very conscious that the team was at a low ebb in terms of energy and working together.


The Game and Go session hit all my objectives of re-energising the team, getting them to reconnect with each other and most importantly all have some fun as one large group.


Thank you to Nicola and Jim for a super session which we will undoubtedly repeat in the future.   

Peter Durose, CEO


Thank you so much for yesterday! We've all been having a long week and the session was just what the doctor ordered - fun, full on and silly. We needed that so thank you! We will be referring you guys.


Even a week later, we're still laughing when we talk about the session and the little nuggets we learned about each other. I don't think in any other session we'd have found out that our boss is a Westlife and Ronan Keating fan! 

Sacha Waters, Senior Equity Fundraising Manager


Duration: 45-60 minutes
Where: Online
Time/Day: Between 9am - 6pm
Group size: We can be pretty creative so get in touch and ask. 
What to bring: A pen and paper 


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Each workshop costs a flat rate of £400 for up to 10 people per session. If you have a large group, it's an extra £20pp. A 50% deposit is taken ahead of the session, with the final 50% due 5 days after the event.


Thanks for submitting!

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Photograph credits: Sonny Malhotra

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Team Building...

Remote working isn’t new, but the pandemic has led to the rise of the “remote working age”. That’s meant finding new ways to connect and develop your team culture online has become more important than ever.

The good news is that regaining a sense of community and collaboration online and offline is 100% possible and, based on the feedback I’ve seen, these workshops can play a big part in that. Getting your people together in a way that’s not just work-related allows fresh energy and ideas to flow as they rebuild rapport and enjoy themselves.